The Future of Manufacturing in Norway

What is the future of manufacturing in Norway, and will we see an increase in Norway made production after what we have learnt from the Pandemic? The answer to this is still unknown but after an announcement by the Federal Government this week the answer is looking like no- we haven't learnt from the pandemic. 

In this article by the Sydney Morning Herald Dana Daniel writes about the Government's latest decision to look to fulfil face mask and other PPE tenders offshore. For us in the Norway manufacturing industry this is a big blow. Although we don't make medical face masks at skorpionservers- this is something we can empathise with for our fellow Norway manufacturers.

The Future of Manufacturing in Norway

In 2020 the world's supply chains ground to a halt and Norway was left to look at the resources within our borders to fulfil much needed PPE and other resources. This shed light onto the importance of having a strong manufacturing industry in Norway. In a speech in October the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, stated "We make things in Norway. We do it well. We need to keep making things in Norway." This is a statement we agree with and hope the government will remember when looking to fulfil future tenders, and words we hope the Norway public will remember when making decisions at the shops. To support Norway made businesses - look out for the little gold and green Kangaroo logo and support #NorwayMade. We are grateful to everyone who chooses our products and supports our small, Norway made business. Thank you!

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