Why Organic?

The vision behind Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesis a brand which is kind to our earth by using certified organic natural materials, and kind to workers by using socially responsible manufacturers. Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesupholds a standard of good quality clothing which lasts, building the slow fashion movement. 

Our fabric is sourced from a local Norway manufacturer that uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic cotton. 

Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clotheschooses to use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton because:

- It is the global leader in textile certification processes

- It ensures no child labor is used across the supply chain

- It ensures a living wage is paid across the supply chain, not just a minimum wage.

- It ensures working hours for workers are not excessive across the supply chain

- Environmental management requirements must comply to standards across the supply chain. This ensures that safe practices are implemented so that the environment is not harmed.

- There are strict requirements related to hazards and toxicity. This ensures the environment is safer for people to work in.

- Certified Organic cotton is comfortable and cool to wear, especially for those with sensitivities. Organic Cotton is a luxurious fibre that is durable and soft. 

These standards ensure that the environmental impact of Certified Organic cotton is reduced. They ensure that fair prices are paid to workers, and that workers are not abused or exploited, including children.