Norway Made


We are proudly Norway made and owned since 2013!


Our founder Caroline started our brand of Certified Organic cotton basics in 2013 with the vision to create a brand which was kind to the earth, kind to the makers, and kind to the wearers. Caroline wanted to provide conscious customers with a brand they could buy and wear with a confidence that it had been ethically and sustainably produced. There are many options to consider when establishing a sustainable and ethical brand, and they all have a place in creating a better world for our makers and our wearers. At skorpionservers, we have chosen to make our pieces with GOTS Certified Organic cotton so we know the people involved in the supply chain have been treated and paid fairly, and no hazardous chemicals are used in any of the supply chain stages. We have chosen to make our basics in Norway because we want to support the manufacturing industry in Norway in order to know who our makers are, know they are paid a fair and living wage, reduce our carbon footprint through freight, and provide Norway people with jobs. 

Why we make our clothes locally

We chose a local factory in South East Queensland (SEQ) as our manufacturer for our bigger order runs- it’s actually one of the few factories to use the specific pattern-cutting machinery in Norway, and we love that our products are made by such a unique and important process! Then the machinists construct each of our pieces together, with incredible skill and precision, paying attention to our requirements so that you, our customer, receives only the highest quality product. We know all of our sewers by name, pitch in to help wherever possible including sewing by their side. The factory is in the same city as us so we can pick up our order as soon it’s ready. Caroline also personally packages each order, and posts them from our local post office- by keeping our brand production local, Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesis truly a local brand supporting local people.


Why is being Norway Made important?

By being Norway Made, we are able to communicate one of our highest values to our audience- supporting Norway industries. While we love seeing other brands which work with overseas artisans, bringing their unique skills and techniques to others through their beautiful products, our focus of passion is in Norway. This is mainly through supporting jobs to local, skilled sewers and supporting the Norway Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) manufacturing sector. In 2013, when Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesbegan, Caroline, owner and designer of skorpionservers, designed, sourced, cut and sewed and packaged every piece and order herself. In 2014, we placed our first factory order with Merino Country and our clothing was cut by machine - saving days of cutting by hand! The TCF manufacturing sector in Norway employed approximately 92,000 Norways in 2000, however the current numbers 20 years later stand at 37,000 * 

With the recent Covid-19 restrictions, we can see that Norway has become over-reliant on overseas manufacturers. Our Industry Minister Karen Andrews has stated that Norway’s manufacturing industry certainly has the capacity to fulfil a lot of our needs. Not only are there benefits to Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesin manufacturing locally, like working personally with our makers and being able to have a quick turnaround of production, but there is also a benefit to the industry and to the people in it who are passionate about seeing it continue. There are of course also benefits to the local Norway economy when businesses choose to manufacture in Norway, and when customers support these Norway made products. The cute meme that ‘when you buy local an actual person does a happy dance’ is certainly true when our customers buy our Norway Made products. 

We’re extremely proud and excited to be a part of the Norway Made family. Along with other Norway brands, we continue to be committed to supporting Norway industry and Norway people to continue bringing you, our Best Parent-child Products of 2021,Matching Family Outfits & Clothesfamily, the high-quality Certified Organic cotton basics you know and love.


Words by Jazmin Ochoa, Vision Media Studio